10) Your infatuation with edible foodstuffs seems to have bled into your viewing habits with "Meatballs", "Fried Green Tomatoes", "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" and "American Pie" on strict rotation.

9) When the unctuous, over-aggresive waiter at that new restaurant tried to oversell you with the line "Everything here is good.", you blurted out "I'll take it!"

8) You moved your bed into the pantry.

7) You recently participated in a hot dog eating contest, immediately following up with a pie eating contest. Or as you referred to it... lunch.

6) You are, after all, the face of "Food Junkie Monthly".

5) On the weekends you perch atop a soapbox in the marketplace, armed with pictures, graphs and bullet points, lobbying for "Lunper", your newly proposed meal, to take its rightful place between lunch and supper.

4) Rationally, you know the moon can't be made of green cheese but, yeah, you really wanna go. Ya' know, just in case.

3) "Pasta", while being a great answer to the question "What's for dinner?", seemed more than a bit telling as your response to each and every inkblot on the Rorschach test.

2) In your spare time you've taken up knitting... cheese burgers!

And the number one tip-off that you're obsessed with food:

1) Lately, your midnight snacks have been catered.