10) A loud noise surprises you momentarily, causing you to literally stop on a dime, which you pick up, put in your pocket and continue on your way, feeling pretty smug about your newfound holdings.

9) A person on the street sneezes, resulting in a flurry of "Bless You"s from nearby strangers, one of whom mistakenly thinks they're all spontaneously blessing him, which does wonders for his morale.

8) Forgetting your glasses, you accidentally buy the wrong ice cream, but turns out you don't hate it.

7) You buy a Quick Pick lottery ticket and win a free ticket, inducing you to return to the store to redeem it for another Quick Pick ticket, causing you to miss an obnoxious solicitor knocking at your door, looking to sell you a clock.

6) Your hat blows off in the wind, hitching a ride on a kite just as it begins its ascension, eventually falling off and landing on a bald guy's head, which really needed the sun protection.

5) A man eats too much, resulting in his shirt button popping and landing in a street performer's tip jar, which turned out to match perfectly with the busker's missing button on his favorite jersey.

4) A car stalls, causing a minor traffic jam that initiates car horns, which gets your dog barking, which reminds you he has a vet appointment.

3) One person with peanut butter and another with chocolate bump into each other on the street, creating a Reese's Peanut But... Sorry, that was a commercial.

2) You're overtired and inattentive, accidentally slipping on a banana peel and doing a back flip into a nearby cot, where you decide it's a perfect time to take a nap.

And the number one not-so-spectacular butterfly effect:

1) The one where the butterfly attempts to disappear but is actually doing a really bad job of blending in with the flowers.