10) You know how when the painters working on the house next door finally finish for the day, clean up and go home, and you're still sitting there, taking in the slow drying paint?... Yeah, that.

9) Getting the opportunity to participate in a ride-along with your local police department. Even if it is just a ten minute donut run.

8) Watching a heating pot of water finally reach that boil.

7) Scheduling time to start that Bucket List of yours, making sure not to include the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

6) Dumping your dirty laundry out of the basket and strategically sorting it by color. And then maybe pre-treating any stains to help boost the power of your detergent.

5) Going to empty the trash only to realize someone's already done it.

4) Standing at a seemingly unmovable check-out line at your grocery store and getting the furtive nod from the cashier to come over to the next lane they're about to open.

3) Finding money. Even if it's just small change.

2) Being stuck in an elevator with a super-energetic narcissistic mime. Or maybe nobody.

And the number one thing more exciting than the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

1) Cawker City's largest ball of twine in the world.