10) It's not just your inability to make eye contact; it's that coupled with the fidgeting, twitching, shortness of breath, general all-around negative body language and, oh yeah, that bogus stuff you just uttered.

9) Your polygraph examiner had to be administered oxygen after his nearly fatal hour-long laughing jag.

8) Maybe don't roll your eyes so much when you talk. Just sayin'.

7) This is, like, the fourth time you've changed your story... and, truth be told, the other three rang just as mind-numbingly false.

6) Yeah, you have a tell; it's your mouth!

5) You're unwillingness to uncross your fingers?... Gotta say, a bit sketchy.

4) That muttering under your breath of "Sucker!" and "I can't believe they're buying this."... Yeah, we can hear that.

3) You have teeth and you're speaking B.S. through them, so...?

2) Word to the wise: You wanna pull one over on us, maybe don't lean so hard into "No, this time it's really the truth!" coupled with the sarcastic snicker.

And the number one indication that you're lying through your teeth:

1) Don't look now but your pants are totally ablaze.