10) When not wanting to let your blind date see the disappointment on your face, excuse yourself, go to the restroom and Botox like there's no tomorrow.

9) To improve your sense of grace, figure out how to pirouette.

8) When wanting to give the appearance of a "petite" appetite, attend a pig roast just before your date.

7) Rather than participating in small talk, immediately take it up a notch with some serious medium talk.

6) Eliminate your date's preoccupation with your unibrow by stepping on his toes with your stiletto heels.

5) A little name-dropping never hurts. Start with Batman and The Flash, working your way up to Superman. Guys love superheroes.

4) The more accessories the better. Unless you're good-lookin' then... no.

3) Steer the conversation to something you're more familiar with like your keen ability to steer the conversation to something you're more familiar with.

2) Never chew gum while out on a date. That and cud. Those two things.

And the number one lesser-known charm school tip:

1) In order to appear more graceful and statuesque, hang with squatty klutzes.