10) Rollo the Fearless' Quest for a Man Cave: Unable to find a moment of peace around the house, his wife and her sisters always on him to do chores, he ordered them out and invited his buddies over for wrestling and grog.

9) The Ivar the Boneless Expedition: Yeah, the guy was missing bones so, naturally, he went lookin' for 'em. Unfortunately, sans backbone, he quickly retreated.

8) Eric Bloodaxe's Pursuit of Redemption: Seems Eric got his name for having axed four of his brothers in pursuit the royal throne. So he said a bunch of prayers and, who knows, maybe he was redeemed, maybe not.

7) Olaf Tryggvason's Search for the Perfect Wave: Unfortunately a bust right from the get-go when he carelessly forgot to take off his armor.

6) Ragnar Lodbrock's Passage to Indiana: Good ol' Rags really didn't think this through, missing the creation of the state by a thousand years. He did sire Ivar the Boneless, though, so there's that (see #9).

5) Erick the Red's Hunt for Red October's Sister: The young damsel had caught Erick's eye at an early age just before she and the family moved. Despite his many efforts, he never did find the lass.

4) The Harold Fairhair Exploration: Harold wasn't born with that surname; he earned it. The man loved himself some primping.

3) Canute the Great's Exploration of His Inner Self: Always ahead of his time, Canute dabbled in meditation, hallucinogens, primal scream therapy and yoga. Rumor has it he co-originated the Downward Facing Dog pose.

2) The Misadventures of Saint Olaf: Just one miscue after another. But at least he had the whole saint thing goin' for him.

And the number one lesser known Viking expedition:

1) Harald Hadrada's Space Odyssey: From the time he was a kid Harald always needed more room. When the sign in front of the condo next to him said "This Space For Rent", he grabbed it.