10) "The reason I was at the bar is because I wanted to find the best store to buy you the best present and, let's face it, bartenders have all the answers."

9) "What if I said it wasn't my fault, that one thing led to another?"

8) "I'm not saying the dog ate my homework. For all I know he ran off and buried it."

7) "Remember I told you about that time I got amnesia? Well, it's back."

6) "Not to worry, she jotted down her phone number and can totally corroborate my story. Mind you, she is dyslexic."

5) "Here's how you know I'm not lying: I'm incapable of lying. There, you got it out of me. Happy now?!"

4) "Yes, I was checking out that woman, but only because I was thinking how much better that dress would look on you."

3) "I would gladly take a lie detector test if I thought they worked. And that the operator actually knew what he was doing. And that I wasn't being set up by the Feds. Oh yeah, and if I didn't have that wire phobia."

2) "Clearly you misheard. Or I misspoke... Pick one."

And the number one plausible deniability excuse:

1) "If I was really trying to lie to you would I be bringing up the concept of lying right now? I mean, how stupid would that be?"