10) In public, you exchange sly, subtle looks with noted morning people that say, "Great mornin', huh?", no matter what time of day.

9) All that exercising before breakfast?... yeah, that's a tell.

8) Once, when under oath and asked if you were a morning person, you took the fifth.

7) You haven't a clue as to what the snooze alarm is all about.

6) Breakfast is, like, your favorite meal. That and a second breakfast, ya know, just as the sun rises.

5) You have no problem with going to bed early. You actually like it.

4) You're that person who whistles in the early morning and manages a smile before their coffee. It's so creepy.

3) If you're still up after 10 PM you get this look about you like you're... kinda sleeping, actually.

2) Your idea of the perfect vacation is to be on a plane flying at just the right speed going due west so that it's always morning.

And the number one tip-off you may be a "morning person":

1) You have a long-standing subscription to "Morning People Monthly".