10) You never had to deal with three years of monthly payments before owning them outright.

9) All that dialing provided fantastic exercise for your fingers and wrist.

8) You didn't have to worry about your significant other stealing looks at it to find out who you've been contacting lately.

7) As a kid, when bored, you could trip your siblings with the chord.

6) Those in-your-face vintage lipstick red, hot pink and olive green colors!

5) You never once lost one.

4) Having to wait all that time dialing gave you a chance to keep in touch with your inner self.

3) Always a great weapon, ya know, in case of a home invasion robbery.

2) That unbelievably satisfying feeling you get when you slam down the receiver on someone who's pissed you off.

And the top ten positives about the old dial-up telephones:

1) Those things were, like, totally unbreakable!