10) Espying both Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons walking your neighborhood, eagerly looking for converts, you layed out the ol' welcome mat, threw open the door and offered up a big smile. They passed.

9) For weeks now your only incoming phone calls have been from telemarketers and pocket dials. Check that, just telemarketers' pocket dials.

8) Lately you've been wondering why nobody seems to want to talk to you. You ask around but, yeah ... nobody responds.

7) It seems every time you make a little headway in the friend department, something unexpected occurs. Like, you can't seem to reach them on the phone or they don't answer their doorbell. Or those damn restraining orders!

6) Even as a kid, upon arrival at a classmate's sleepover you were immediately ordered to go to sleep.

5) You recently contacted a handful of charities, asking to schedule a time for you to meet, talk about their goals and make a donation. They said that's okay, they have enough money.

4) If you didn't know any better you'd think that no one ever seems to laugh at your jokes or find you amusing. Ya' know, if you didn't know any better.

3) Never seems to fail, every game night, just as it's time to pick teams, you're elected to run to the store. And the list they saddle you with, it takes, like, hours!

2) You were issued a gag order by the judge... She was actually a retired judge with no authority and this took place at a cocktail party. But still.

And the number one indication that maybe you're not a great hang:

1) You attempted hang gliding. And, yeah, you weren't great at it.