10) You have a jar that you put a dollar in everytime you forget what you were saying. This year's profits netted you a three-week all-expense-paid Alaskan cruise. That and a Gulfstream jet.

9) As a contestant on Jeopardy your reply to "A famous Tolstoy novel" was "What is 'War and... something or other?'"

8) The only item noted on your Bucket List is "Try to remember where you put this list." And yeah, you haven't a clue.

7) The other day you complained Cher's name was too complicated.

6) A friend phoned, saying he had you on a 3-way call. Moments later you queried, "Since when do you do impressions?"

5) You had to quit going to movies because you kept leaving after the first trailer.

4) It's gotten to the point where your therapist is snapping his fingers at you every thirty seconds.

3) The farthest you've ever gotten in tic-tac-toe is tac.

2) Look back up to the top to figure out what this list was about again. Go ahead... I'll wait.

And the number one indication that your attention span is limited:

1) Hey, what happened?... Where'd ya' go?!