10) When you called your favorite restaurant for reservations they said they were booked for the decade, offering to pencil you in for early 2032 with the provision you call a year in advance in case things change.

9 Every time you schedule an Uber the driver does that "wait for you to reach for the car door handle and pull away" trick... Every single time.

8) When seeking finance at your local bank they referred you to a loan shark. A low-level one at that.

7) Back in the day a quick call would get you third row center to a Stones concert. Now it's multiple phone messages, texts and emails just to land nose bleed seats for a Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass cover band.

6) Lately the pizza delivery guy won't budge, forcing you to come to him.

5) You remember the other day when you pulled some strings and got all your friends into that trendy, exclusive club?... Yeah, didn't think so.

4) You had to jump through hoops during your last jury duty just to get on the panel of an upcoming case. And then only as an alternate.

3) Looking for good seats at a Vegas showroom, you duked the host a fifty. He sat you in the cloakroom, gave you a quick rundown on the proper care of garments, a pamphlet on how to greet patrons and the warning to keep your restroom breaks to a minimum.

2) People used to ask you if you could help them out when they were in a tough jam. Now they're just willing to take the hit.

And the number one tip off that you don't have as much pull as you thought:

1) You recently lost a tug-of-war against a ninety pound weakling.