10) You know when you drop something small in between the driver's seat and the console in your car and you can't for the life of you quite reach it to pull it out?... yeah, how 'bout they do that?

9) Cut Siri off in mid-sentence anytime she suggests something to you that you didn't ask for in the first place.

8) Would it be so hard for them to make you a decent sandwich?

7) Develop a logarithim to detect if the stranger slated to sit next to you on your upcoming flight will be obnoxious and/or malodorous and if so immediately change your seat.

6) Come up with the perfect excuse for you for any situation you want to get out of at any point in time for the rest of your life.

5) Accompany you, in a robotic capacity, to parties and spill drinks on anyone who traps you in a corner going on about how perfect their kids turned out to be.

4) Get them to invent a great tasting bacon that is both good for you and causes you to lose weight... While curing a hangover... And improving your memory... And if it whitens your teeth?... even better.

3) By now they must be capable of taking out the trash, right?

2) Have them answer all your spam calls imitating your voice and sounding like you're really, really interested in what they're selling and at the very end hit 'em with the air horn before hanging up.

And the top ten job you wouldn't mind having AI do for you?

1) Come up with the last entry on my Top Ten List so I don't have to.