10) He loved himself some tomfoolery. According to insiders on the Ark, Noah was often seen in group photographs doing the "rabbit ears" bit with his two fingers secretly behind the head of the two rabbits onboard.

 9) He had a touch of clairavoyant in him, successfully predicting both the Irish Potato Famine and The Beatles.

 8) He shares a birthday with Stephen Hawking, Soupy Sales and that woman who does the AT&T commercials.

 7) Word is his motor skills were the stuff of legend, oftentimes spotted at a street intersection, mounted on a unicycle, a spoon hanging on his nose, one hand doing the rubber pencil trick while the other directed traffic.

 6) His middle name was Manfred.

 5) He admitted that the constant torrential downpour during the Great Flood really didn't bother him that much and even once entertained the thought of moving to Seattle.

 4) A lot was said about him living paycheck to paycheck, never having two nickels to rub together. Even more about the lack of nickels back then.

 3) His doppelganger, a guy named Wally, once spent six months in the slammer for allegedly stealing figs. Up until his dying day (yeah, the flood) he claimed it was really Noah all along.

 2) He and his wife had the exact same shoe size, the two often trading footwear just before public appearances, ya' know, to spice things up.

And the number one thing not commonly known about Noah:

 1) The dude never owned a pet.