10) When in the midst of declaring your wedding vows, in front of a packed crowd, you suddenly realize the cheat sheet you'd been self-confidently reading from is actually a guacamole recipe.

9) When you think you've sent your best friend at work a snarky email regarding your boss and discover you'd accidentally hit "interoffice memo".

8) When in a cozy night club, foregoing the iPhone flashlight in favor of the old school Bic lighter to entice an encore from the band, you immediately set off the venue's fire alarm sprinkler system.

7) When trying to impress a date by ordering off the French menu and your plate arrives piled with sugar cubes and beer nuts.

6) When you're doing the limbo, and really nailing it, only to look at your splayed torso and discover a gaping rip where your garment used to be.

5) When there's two of you in an elevator and you're reasonably sure the other one wasn't the origin of the flatulence.

4) When you're air-drying off, fresh from the shower, casually sauntering into your bedroom and not noticing your spouse at the desk in the middle of a high-profile Zoom meeting.

3) When you're masked up and in line at the bank waiting for a teller... years before COVID.

2) When it starts to dawn on you that your flash mob, spot-on rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" isn't quite meshing with the entire crowd's version of Sister Sledge's "We Are Family".

And the number one situation that may warrant an "Oops"?

1) When you discover one of your old Bucket Lists and notice that the lone entry is: "Never read your old Bucket List".