10) The idiom "having too much on your plate" tends to be overused but in your case, being as we can't even see your plate?... Yeah, too much.

9) Recently your doctor stared at your MRI Scan, open-mouthed, turning it upside down and sideways for a solid minute before asking, "How'd you get in here?"

8) You now officially have more than one junk drawer.

7) Remember when you actually could park your car in your garage?... Yeah, nobody else can either.

6) Your therapist stopped you in the middle of a Rorschach Text for answering "The inside of my brain!!" for like... eleven inkblots in a row.

5) Not everyone says you're a hoarder but that's only because everyone doesn't know you.

4) At the circus you witnessed the endless procession of clowns exiting the tiny clown car and wondered why everyone was laughing.

3) Your last yard sale resulted in the HAZMAT team showing up, fire hazard tickets being issued, a court summons and two lost children.

2) Remember the last time a guest could actually stay in your spare room?... Yeah, see Number 7.

And the top ten sign that your life is too cluttered:

1) You traced your family tree... back to a forest.