10) Alien: "You don't understand, this is no ordinary stomach ache."

  9) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: "What does it take to get a weatherman fired around here?!"

  8) Dances With Wolves: "C'mon, guys, it's like you have four left paws."

  7) Bonanza: "Dad, I'm beggin' ya', please give us the 'birds and the bees talk' so we can finally get on with our lives!"

  6) Training Day: "Yeah, none of this was covered at the Police Academy!"

  5) Friends: "Is it me or is it cold in here?"

  4) Forrest Gump: "Life is like a restaurant chain; you never know which ones'll base their theme on a slow-witted friendly guy and a crustacean."

  3) Memento: "I'm sorry... what was I saying?"

  2) Gilligan's Island: "Really, Professor, you can make a radio transmitter out of a coconut but you can't get us out of here?"

And the number one movie/tv catchphrase that should have been?

  1) The Exorcist: "That little chick is really startin' to freak me out!"