10) Dirty Harry: A middle-aged septic tank maintenance man with an aversion to bathing and a love of off-color jokes is taken by surprise as his family and friends stage an intervention.

9) Looking for Mr. Goodbar: A kid goes to a candy store and can't find his favorite chocolate bar. Chaos ensues.

8) No Country for Old Men: An ageism flick about a couple of retired buddies looking to vacation in Greece only to be rejected by the authorities.

7) Dude, Where's My Car?: The travails of a down-on-his-luck valet driver, lacking any sense of direction, accosted by an in-your-face hipster doofus demanding his Beemer.

6) When Harry Met Sally: The young wizard of Hogwarts meets cute with Sally Field causing the actress to exclaim, "You like me!  You really like me!"

5) Cast Away: A star-struck, autograph-seeking school girl sneaks backstage at her local theater only to discover none of the actors are there.

4) Dog Day Afternoon: A bumbling animal lover inadvertantly locks himself in a dog kennel and the owner, a famished, notoriously long lunch taker, has just left the building.

3) The Accidental Tourist: The McCallister family doesn't leave Kevin "home alone" on their Christmas trip; they forget him on the way back.

2) The Green Mile: A merry band of eco-friendly jail inmates in charge of cleaning up a long stretch of a highway roadside decide to get creative with the county budget, coming up with the world's largest turf maze.

And the number one movie title that originally had a different plot:

1) Say Anything: A woman with Tourette's Syndrome does just that!