10) Hubba Bubba Gump Restaurants. From the get-go patrons weren't buying into the myriad of bubble gum shrimp recipes, especially the way they stuck to the plates. And the "all you can chew" buffet?... Yeah, not amused.

9) Turban Outfitters. In real estate the mantra is "location, location, location", something the research department here in the good ol' U.S. of A should have paid attention to.

8) Bed, Bath & Burritos. Looked great on paper 'til the salsa kept spilling, staining the pillowcases and bed sheets, killing their margins.

7) Elton John/Pink Floyd''s "Goodbye Yellow Brick In The Wall". Elton nixed the deal when Roger Waters and David Gilmour kept feuding during the week, contending that fighting was only alright on Saturday night.

6) Taxi Cabernet Confessions. Seems a reality-based ride share show coupled with red wine made for too much reality resulting in too many lawsuits. Not to mention the stained seats and carpets (see #8).

5) Magic Mushroom Pizza. This really seemed to grab traction in the beginning and people had high hopes... until things got too trippy.

4) Queen Victoria's Secret. Turns out the big mystery was how, after marrying her first cousin, Prince Philip, she spread hemophilia to all the royal generations to come. Oh yeah, and her clothes were too flouncy for the masses.

3) Cheesecake Factory Seconds. Because a flawed dessert left a bad taste in people's mouths.

2) Led Zeppelin/Aerosmith's "Whole Lotta Love in an Elevator". What could go wrong there, right? Suffice to say, Steven Tyler and Jimmy Page couldn't get on the same floor. Too bad, the video would've been insane.

And the number one mashup that didn't quite make the cut?

1) Athlete's Foot Locker. Adding "Athlete's" to the existing franchise initially seemed like a marriage made in heaven... until the fungicides made the scene.