10) After three solid hours assisting in a family intervention you finally realized these people weren't relatives at all and that you were actually attending a Burt Reynolds film festival.

9) At breakfast this morning you attempted to shoot a friend a text... using your whole wheat toast... again.

8) When asked to identify line four on the overhead eye chart at the DMV, you completely missed the mark, reading off the clerk's "World's Greatest Dad" coffee mug.

7) Yesterday you took out the plants and watered the trash.

6) Lately, you've been thinking outside the box. And while that may sound creative it's really not cutting it in regards to the crossword puzzles... or the true-false tests.

5) At bat at a family renunion softball game you struck out on three pitches, returning to the bench totally disgruntled only to be informed you'd been in the on-deck circle the whole time.

4) You've been banned from the mall for fraternizing with the mannequins.

3) At a police lineup you incorrectly identified Max, the K-9 police dog, as the robbery suspect and a half eaten jelly donut as his accomplice.

2) You were forced to quit playing "hide-and-seek" with the kids because you just couldn't find anybody.

And the top ten indication that you may be due for an eye examination?

1) You had to get someone to read you this Top Ten List.