10) You cancelled your newspaper subscription not because it's antiquated and you can get all your news quicker and for free via your social devices but because it meant you'd have to read.

9) At work you've learned to nap, be it sitting or standing, with your eyes wide open. Unfortunately, the sleep apnia aparatus keeps giving you away.

8) When it comes to softball you either strike out or walk as getting a hit would actually require swinging the bat.

7) Feeling industrious one weekend afternoon you vainly attempted to construct a birdhouse until you realized how easy it would be to order one online with next day delivery from Amazon.

6) You once gave up eating in between meals and didn't tell a soul.

5) You haven't completed a crossword puzzle or Sudoku since that time... wait, what was the last state to join the union again... Alaska... Hawaii?

4) Your work associates seem to straddle the fence when asked how they regard you. On the one hand they're in awe that you still have a job, on the other... No, that's it, actually. Guess there is no straddling.

3) You've never been to a comedy club 'cause that would mean you might have to laugh.

2) You're seriously considering buying a respirator, ya' know to alleviate that pesky breathing in and out on your own all day long.

And the top ten indication you may be a quiet quitter:

1) Who're we kidding, I could put anything here; you quit reading this somewhere around the "sleep apnia aparatus" line.