10) All your bluster over your marathon running prowess proved feeble when you were forced to withdraw due to excessive fatigue just 40 yards from... the starting line.

9) Your karaoke offerings got mixed reviews. Everything from "Is this some kind of joke?" to "Someone please cut the microphone; I'm begging you!!"

8) In your school debating class you took the "pro" side in the argument for "Everyone's Voice Should Be Heard" and lost. Worst part, your rival debater never even showed.

7) You had to stop attending parties because you weren't getting invites.

6) Your attempts at becoming a professional magician ended abruptly when you accidentally made the audience's enthusiasm disappear. The dismembering of your assistant in the "sawing in half routine" also may have contributed.

5) Every time you enter the post office all eyes turn to the Wanted Poster and then back to you, scrutinizing your every feature.

4) You've been asked numerous times to model for fitness magazines. But only as the "before" picture.

3) Your earlier dream of becoming a doctor was shattered when you discovered that not only did you continuously faint at the sight of blood but your botched attempts at checking patient's reflexes were the cause of it.

2) You're Neighborhood Watch Committee refused to let you join on the grounds that you were actually the person they were watching.

And the top indication that maybe, just maybe, you don't have the right stuff:

1) After returning from vacation you started to unpack only to realize you had the wrong luggage.