10) You just discovered your latest bank statement posted an add-on fee for your "perceived passive-aggressive attitude when dealing with Joshua, the newest teller-in-training".

9) You play your personal hygiene cards close to the vest with the long-standing belief that it's no one else's business.

8) You've been ducking out of work lately using the old "personal business" excuse with no one the wiser that you're really using the personal time to start your own business.

7) Your therapist tells you she's disgusted by you and no longer wants your business and of course you go and take it personal.

6) That restaurant hostess, the one you had the argument with?... Yeah, lately she's been seating you next to the entrance door, where Molly, the coat check girl with the weak bladder, constantly calls on you to fill in each time she hightails it to the Ladies Room.

5) While filling out a business loan application you couldn't help but think, "Wow, some of these questions are really personal!"

4) The last business card you received was from a personal trainer.

3) After being passed over for numerous promotions you finally confronted your boss who assured you it was just personal.

2) You asked your hair stylist to give you a "business in the front, party in the back" cut. Turned out you loved the "party" but the "business"?... not so much. So, yeah, you took it personal.

And the top ten indication that it is personal, not just business:

1) Personally?.... Yeah, it's none of your damn business!