10) During TV sporting events now they go split-screen to an ad without any notice. The other day I witnessed my team getting beat by a game ending touchdown while the voice-over tried to sell me anti-depression meds.

9) Candlestick Park is now AT&T Park; Veteran's Stadium is now Citizens Bank Park; Comiskey Park is now Guaranteed Rate Field. Must I go on?

8) Billboard signs have gone electronic which means, depending on how fast you drive you could catch two, three or even four ads that'll make you wanna drive off a cliff.

7) The last movie I saw had more product placement shots than Paul Simon had ways to leave his lover.

6) One more ABC commercial tie-in with parent company, Disney, and we should be legally permitted to egg Mickey's house... with Daisy's eggs!

5) There are so many advertisements on race cars that they cover the entire vehicle. The next time one flips over I'm totally expecting an undercarriage rust protection ad on the muffler system.

4) I buy one pair of sunglasses online and get bombarded with sunglass ads from all my social devices for the rest of my life?

3) Now, in the midst of bumper to bumper traffic at night, you can watch commercials live via a flat screen TV on the roof of a moving car 'cause some vehicle regulatory commission deemed it would be safe?

2) I've gotten into the practice of muting all commercials that come on TV. So yeah, my house has been really quiet.

And the number one indication that advertising has gotten out of hand:

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