10) Your totally cramped spare room consists of a bed (actually just a small pillow), an end table (really only a shoe box), a TV monitor, a calendar, a clock, a music system and a file system (yeah, the last five are your iPhone).

9) Your parking garage only houses half of your ride... And your ride's a bike.

8) A friend asked you about your storage space situation and had to wait a full five minutes before you could stop laughing to answer.

7) Not sayin' your cellar is small. Just sayin' you don't have one.

6) While definitely challenging, taking a shower at your place is do-able providing you leave your soap, shampoo, towel and other accessories outside the bathroom door. Oh, and also that you're a really good contortionist.

5) When you throw a party your guests are forced to come in shifts.

4) If you type your address on Google the map comes up with a photo of your home flanked by your neighbor's dog house, the larger of the two structures.

3) You realize the reason you've never had to sleep on the couch is because couches go in the living room and, wow, how cool would it have been to have one of those?

2) A twin bed sheet blew off a clothesline and onto your house convincing the entire neighorhood your place was being tented for termites.

And the number one clue that you may need more space:

1) When the town assessor came over to measure out the total area of your dwelling he brought a ruler.