Debut Blog: In Snark Contrast

Okay, here it is: Debut Blog. Might be the toughest of the blogs, what with explaining the purpose and addressing future expectations, all the while eliciting a style both clever and enlightening while keeping smugness down to a manageable level.  Hell, possibly even throwing in a dash of self-deprecation (alright, so that part's probably not gonna happen).

Actually, the Cliche Snark Manifesto (located on this webpage) should handle the "explaining the purpose" task so let's move on to expectations.  The plan is simple: force people to rethink taking the easy way out in everyday conversation.  Words are important and should contain some actual thought behind them.  Cliches?... yeah, they're kinda the opposite of that.  More like fast food for the brain; lacking any real nourishment while cumulatively taking its toll on your mental health.  Make no mistake, they are a formidable enemy.

Thus, I've enlisted Snark to help us in our battle.  Snark is sly, aggressive, fearless, never misses an opportunity to attack and has fantastic references.  Plus, let's face it, Snark's a lot of fun to hang out with.  

My intent in future blogs, however, is not to just dwell on the negative but to introduce and discuss the positive aspect of words organized in such a way as to amuse, captivate and celebrate.  Be it a great turn of a phrase, an Urban Dictionary entree or something capturing the zeitgeist of present day or an era long ago, if it warrants the attention, it will get it here.

Alright, so the thought is to get to a point where this is a weekly publication coupled with an equal amount of Top Ten Lists reflecting current events, real or imagined social improprieties, general ridiculousness or whatever happens to pop into my head at the time.  They're fun to write and I'm hoping you'll find them a pleasant distraction.

In closing, I'll leave my opponents--those distributers of trite--with the timeless words of the immortal Grateful Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter, from "New Speedway Boogie" on Working Man's Dead:

"Please don't dominate the rap, Jack, if you've got nothing new to say."