10) You have a hunch your neighborhood dry cleaners has been switching your designer garments for off-the-rack knockoffs. Constantly catching them sewing in new labels, giving the excuse "the other ones keep falling off" pretty much ices it.

9) Twice in the last week Jehovah's Witnesses came to your door claiming to be bored with their religion, asking if you had any recommendations.

8) For the past couple weeks your "Good morning" greeting at work has been met with blank stares, tisking sounds and spot-on impersonations of those cute little cuckoo clock birds.

7) You've received absolutely no mail for the last six months. On querying the mailman he replied, "It happens."

6) Two chinese meals ago your fortune cookie said, "Get your affairs in order." Last night's issued a follow-up: "Go on, what're you waiting for?!"

5) Seems every time you return home your locks have been changed. Even worse, your locksmith won't answer your calls. Likewise your family as you call out their names, watching through the window as they dive for cover behind the furniture.

4) You keep getting the same prize in your Crackerjacks... a miniature harmonica that plays only one note... that's flat.

3) The last time you asked Siri for restaurant advice she countered, "How 'bout you skip a meal or two? And a little exercise?... yeah, that wouldn't hurt either."

2) Every year a handful of well-scrubbed Christmas carolers arrive on your doorstep joyously bursting out in song with a medley of Metallica tunes off The Black Album.

And the number one indication that someone may be gaslighting you:

1) You're therapist answers your every question with, "What're you... nuts?"