Second Blog: Spin Doctors and Sophomore Slumps

The term "spin doctor", coined in the 80s has been used to describe public relations pros as well as corporate and political experts whose job is to put a "positive spin" on events or situations. And while that label is relatively new, we all know this practice has been occurring since, like... Eve first pitched the apple to Adam? Bottom line: be it a used car salesman's spiel, an advertiser's sketchy claim or your kid's lame excuse for missing a homework assignment, everyone's learned to get out in front of their story with an ironclad alibi ending all prospects of cross-examination before they can even begin.

Okay, now to go all non sequitur on you: A "sophomore slump", in reference to one's second effort not living up to the relative high standards of the first, can be applied to a band's second album, a new director's follow-up movie, a ballplayer's second season and, of course a college student's passage from his/her freshman to sophomore year. While these are the more common examples it can pretty much refer to anyone's follow up to their debut. Anyone at all. I don't know, even like, say... a blogger?

Ahh... and there it is (you've caught me; so perceptive on your end). Having slogged through my first blog, "In Snark Contrast", the feedback somewhat promising, I can't help but feel a certain amount of trepidation going into this, my sophomore attempt. What if I'm not up to the task? What was I thinking when I said, "... the thought is to get to a point where this is a weekly publication"? That's like 52 weeks a year. Granted I could probably take a couple weeks off for vacation and people would understand but still?!

Alright, deep breath... So, this is what I've been up against this week. No doubt you're thinking, "Wow, I'd be catatonic but this dude is working through it and getting the blog done anyway!" Gotta say, I appreciate your sentiments. And right about now you're also probably realizing how "spin doctors" worked its way into my "sophomore slump" psyche. And that maybe, just maybe, I'm looking for a way out.

But here's the thing: Is it really a way out if the "sophomore slump" is a true phenomenon? Or better still, what if this is just my rendition of Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill", an example where the initial bar was set so high that any chance of future parity is all but attainable. That, indeed, I'm just a victim here. That none of this was my fault?... Uh-huh... Oh yeah, there it is. That's my spin and I'm sticking to it.