A Day in the Life

She Came In Through the Bathroom Window, Maggie Mae and Another Girl, pretending it was commonplace, trying to Act Naturally. "Help!", I thought to myself, what fresh Misery will come of this? I've Got a Feeling they'd just seen Doctor Robert as the two of 'em were Flying. Maggie asked me to accompany them to the Octopus's Garden, a trendy new eatery on Penny Lane, to meet up with Sexy Sadie and Polythene Pam and celebrate Julia's Birthday. "I'm Down", I blurted out. Don't Ask Me Why, I Should Have Known Better. Good ol' Maggie, she could talk me into going Here, There and Everywhere with her.

Unable to Drive My Car 'cause it broke down The Night Before, we took the subway, each getting a Ticket to Ride. Just missing the 9:09 we had to take the One After 909 instead. The canary-colored car was packed like a tight, Yellow Submarine, the conductor ordering us to Get Back as he closed the doors. I obliged, knowing If I Fell it'd be all over. The train took off Helter Skelter as we embarked on our Magical Mystery Tour. Luckily, it seemingly didn't take Any Time at All, exiting the car and walking past Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band busking in the station, the lead singer, a pissed off Billy Shears, yelling at a stingy commuter, "Hey JudeYou Never Give Me Your Money!"

Every Little Thing about the restaurant was Nowhere Man. Tell Me Why I agreed to this? It's so Yesterday; someone should spread The Word. For sure, You Won't See Me here anymore. Michelle, Maggie's earlier bathroom window B & E partner in crime, pulled a Hello, Goodbye, ducking out, saying It's All Too Much so Maggie and I split an order of Savoy Truffles which I'll never In My Life do again (I totally didn't Dig It). "Do You Want to Know a Secret"?, Maggie asked? No Reply from me as I suddenly spotted the Girl of my dreams. "When I was Back in the U.S.S.R", she continued, "I dated a guy named Max, this Paperback Writer, who wore one Old Brown Shoe, ya' know, Because he'd lost a leg during the Revolution. Anyway, his landlord, Mean Mr. Mustard, stole Maxwell's Silver Hammer..." I'm not listening; I've Just Seen a Face I can't resist. "I'll Be Back", I say, getting up, heading for the image, The Inner Light, just yards away and yet, seemingly, Across the Universe.

From the moment I Saw Her Standing There, This Boy knew that All I've Got to Do is make sure the Things We Said Today matter because Tomorrow Never Knows, ya' know? Time waits For No One. As she started to turn I called out, "Oh! Darling, please Don't Pass Me By". Come here; I Want to Hold Your Hand. She gave me that "I'm Looking Through You" glare and I realized if this is all gonna Come Together I can't have her thinking "You Like Me Too Much". Be cool. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away or You're Going to Lose That Girl and you know You Can't Do That 'cause She's a Woman who would definitely Please, Please Me. "Good Day Sunshine", I quipped, realizing I could do With a Little Help From My Friends (where was a wingman when you needed him?) "Good Night", was her refrain. "Yes It Is", was my sparkling reply as she turned to leave. I leaned in, "Wait, There's a Place on Blue Jay Way called the Glass Onion; meet me there?" She rolled her eyes, warning, "Don't Bother Me" and headed out. "Don't you see, I've Got to Get You Into My Life. I Wanna Be Your Man! C'mon, Don't Let Me Down! We Can Work It Out! A second later and Her Majesty was out the door. "P.S. I Love You", I mumbled under my breath.

Ahh, It's Only Love, I surmised. Don't sweat it; Let It Be. I went back to Maggie who was All Together Now with Pam, Sadie, Julia and Martha. Lovely Rita was also there with Dear Prudence who said Something seductively flirty to me which garnered a "Thank You Girl" and a "Your Mother Should Know the stuff that comes out of your mouth" wisecrack. I'm a Loser, I thought, regarding the girl that just got away, constantly left Fixing a Hole in my heart, having to Carry That Weight, never knowing quite well What You're Doing when it comes to Love; Me Do act like a Little Child sometimes. It's tough when Yer Blues ruin a good time. "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party so I'm gonna split", I told the ladies. "You okay?" queried a concerned Maggie. "I Feel Fine", I lied. "Oh, Honey Pie, feel better!" exclaimed Martha. Thanks, Martha My Dear, I Will." I said, heading out.

It had been A Hard Day's Night so I decided to clear my head and walk the Long, Long, Long way home, espying a stray pooch. "Hey, Bulldog", What Goes On?, I queried, as he relieved himself, never looking up. "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?", I quipped, as he ran off, waiting For No One, the echoes of a drunken singer at a karaoke bar ringing out (it was Only a Northern Song). I looked up to see the juxtaposition of two old tattered billboard ads for "I Love Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" flapping in the breeze. Just under it, a sign for an upcoming auction Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! It all seemed so random and sad. I Want to Tell You, From Me to You?... In My Life I never felt so alone.

Can't Buy Me Love, that's for sure. I try to tell myself It Won't Be Long, in no time things will be Getting Better but they don't (maybe When I'm Sixty-Four, huh?). It seems like Eight Days a Week I'm traveling this Long and Winding Road, knowing If I Needed Someone to Hold Me Tight it wasn't gonna happen. That When I Get Home I'll Cry Instead. Which is where I now found myself, just as it began to Rain.  Alas, me, The Fool on the Hill, All My Loving in vain, once again returning home alone. As I get inside I realize I'm So Tired and that Golden Slumbers will be my salvation. At least then I'm not so sad; I'm Only Sleeping.

I wake up to "Good Morning Good Morning!" Damned if it isn't Maggie Mae, making her way in through the bathroom window (Not a Second Time!). "How's my favorite Day Tripper; ready for another adventure?" And somehow, that's when it hit me: The Two of Us were just like The Ballad of John and Yoko... inseparable. That, And I Love Her; those two things. Huh, all this time; whadya' know. She caught my look, "Love You Too", she exclaimed. I was beside myself; unable to believe what She Said; She Said She Loves You. And just like that, everything changed. Here Comes the Sun, I thought. All You Need is Love and the whole time it's been Within You Without You. Yeah, I get deep every Now and Then... The End.